Stalker Films Same Reckless Driver For Two Years Straight

Call this a tale of two maniacs.  One fellow in Kalamazoo, Michigan noticed back in 2012 that another driver on his commute to work would often go into the left turning lane and then, when the light turned green, rush ahead of traffic to keep going straight rather than turning left.  He would do this at every intersection, every commute, every day of the week.  That driver has continued to do this for two straight years.

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The flip side of this insane driving coin is the man who installed a dash cam to film this reckless driver and then put together a 22-minute montage of this jackasses dangerous driving.  For two years this guy has just been filming his daily commute so he can catch this guy faking left turns and then rushing ahead of traffic when the light turns green.

Two men, neither one knows the other, driving the same route for two years, both linked by a manner of craziness the rest of us never get to experience.  One guy is dangerous while the other is just super OCD and a potential stalker.  Well, not potential, he’s absolutely stalking this guy.  Why not report him?  Why film him hundreds of times when clearly a few would be enough?  What’s the ultimate goal here?  Also, are there no cops in Kalamazoo?  How has this guy done this so obviously that a total stranger had to go out and buy a dashcam to record it and no cop has ever seen it? 

Is the red light runner gaining anything by what he does? It seems like his stalker keeps pace with him the whole way to work so his illegal crap maneuver isn’t gaining him a lot of time.  Is the stalker gaining anything by silently filming him for years on end?  Well, he got written on Break, so that’s pretty luxurious.  But beyond that, it seems like this whole deal is kind of ridiculous.

If anyone lives in Kalamazoo, we invite you to try to find this red light bandit on your own, see if you can catch him ignoring the law.  Maybe he’s like spotting a unicorn in the wild and this is the only way to have fun in Kalamazoo.  A Google search indicates Kalamazoo is home to an aviation museum, a car museum and an arboretum, so it may be the most boring town on earth and this is literally the only exciting thing on the menu.

In any event please, if you see an unsafe driver, just report them, don’t stalk them for two years then make it into a montage.  That’s super weird.