Bat Sh*t Crazy OR Badass: 7-Month-Pregnant Mom Maintains Her Rock Hard Abs

Meet Stacie Venagro. A woman who likes to work out, maintain her physique and keep fit on a daily basis. The twist is she’s actually 7-months-pregnant and STILL has rock hard abs.


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Of course abs in “pregnant form” look more like she swallowed the bones of a family of squirrels but it is impressive nonetheless, even though I winced a little after looking at her photos on instagram where she shows off her pregnant ab-ridden belly on a regular basis.


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The weirdest part is you are expecting abs but really abs combined with a pregnant stomach equal to just some weird shapes and bumps like a trashbag after Thanksgiving. But Stacie wants to make sure you believe her in that she is totally still into working out, despite there being a living human in her stomach.


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Please, Stacie–it’s okay to take a break. You’ll have plenty of time to exercise after your child is born. But then again Stacie isn’t just some ordinary mom-to-be who likes to just lay off the Pringles. She’s actually the Fitness America Pro Champion of 2013 and going strong. Literally.

That baby will certainly come out kicking. As for the rest of us, well, the couch is looking pretty good right about now.

source: Uproxx