Stabbing Victim Stops By McDonald’s With Knife Wedged in His Back

A man walked into a McDonald’s in Queens, New York with a knife sticking out of his back Tuesday morning. Getting stabbed in the back is probably the healthiest thing that anyone could do inside of a McDonalds, am I right?

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Witnesses told police that they saw the man fighting with several others a block down the street when he was stabbed. The victim then managed to walk into the McDonalds where shocked customers quickly ditched their Big Macs to help him. As he stood, talking on the phone with a blood soaked shirt others made sure he didn’t fall back on the knife until paramedics arrived. For once someone at a McDonalds had a shooting pain going down their back and not their left arm.

To make matters worse they stopped serving breakfast.

The man is believed to have been on the phone during the ordeal talking to loved ones to tell them he might not see them again. Luckily he made it to the hospital and is expected to make it.  Hey, speaking of feeling like you got stabbed in the back, have you tried the new McChicken Pounders! “Hey, shut the F up! Who are you, Michelle Obama!? We don’t want a health food lesson.” Yeah, yeah, I kid because I love! I didn’t get this fat eating tofu; it was my love of Mcy D’s Angus burgers! Don’t let anyone tell you that McDonald’s food is bad for you, because you never know when someone is going to stab you in the back. The added danger of the other customers at McDonalds makes the food taste all that better. Why eat a McRib in the safety of your own home, when every bite you take at a McDonald’s tastes all that much better since each one might be your last.

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