Excessive Force Or Justifiable? Teen Arrested For Trespassing At High School

A 16-year-old boy’s trespassing arrest at the hands of a school resource officer was caught on tape and went viral on social media, sparking outrage and causing several local groups to plan demonstrations at the school.

In this video, the teenager can be seen getting pinned to the floor by Bill Kraus, who works for St. Paul Central High School in Minnesota. The teen screams for help as Kraus orders him to “get down” before the officer pins him to the ground with a knee to his back.

Later in the video, the teen claims that pepper spray was involved in his arrest. “You f*cking see this sh*t?” he asks. “I got maced and sh*t. I ain’t never been maced in my entire life. This some bullsh*t.” 

Social media users have blasted the officer for using excessive force when the teenager was not acting violently. However, others have noted that the teen – who is not a student at the high school and had been asked to leave before Kraus got involved – should have left earlier.

“There was no reason for this suspect to be in the school,” St. Paul Police spokesman Mike Ernster said. “Central High has been having problems with trespassers this past year. Some of those trespassers have come into the school to assault students.”

Ernster further claimed that Kraus maced the teen in response to being shoved, an interaction that took place before the video began. “No officer ever wants to use force. In cases where a person fails to do what an officer is asking, the officer may be forced to respond to their resistance,” he said in a statement.

Source: CityPages