Will The Sriracha Challenge Be The New Ice Bucket Challenge?

The Ice Bucket Challenge brought an increased awareness and a ton of funding for ALS research and now that we’ve got a new disease to be worried about, we need an equally crazy challenge to go with it. Since pouring gasoline or quick drying cement over your head would do the job but would also kill you, someone’s found the next best thing: the Sriracha Challenge

Sriracha is the psycho ex-girlfriend of condiments. You know it’ll burn you but you can’t resist it. 

A couple of guys on the Internet with a camera and a lot of time on their hands dreamed up the idiotic challenge that could bring in a lot of funding and awareness to finding a cure for the Ebola virus. It’s very simple. You take two shot glasses, fill them with Sriracha sauce and down them as fast as you can while gasping for air and praying for a swift, quick death. 

[[contentId: 2784701| | size: 75]]

Of course, it’s important to point out that the person who made this video intended it to become a parody but we know how the Internet thinks. It’s only a matter of time before someone else tries and start a whole new trend of red-eyed gaspers who are willing to do the same thing just so they can challenge their dumb little buddies as well. We’re not only willing to help in the hopes of eradicating Ebola but also so we’ll have videos to post and material to write about for these articles.