Spring Broke: 10 Tips for a Cheap Spring Break

Spring Break is here and everyone is off having fun in Mexico or Florida or Nude Beer Town (it’s pretty cool, you should check it out) but what are you to do if your parents never loved you enough to pay for Spring Break and you wasted all your money on Xbox and Skittles?  We got some ideas!

1. Try a Hostel!  They’re not just for murder victims!

2. Just because everyone went to Mexico doesn’t mean you can’t find fun in Iowa!

3. Why fly when you can carpool or *shudder* bus?

4. Try bum wine! Party towns will gouge you up to $5 a bottle for beer, but some Mexican versions of Thunderbird are less than $2 a liter!

5. Restaurants are for suckers, pack a cooler full of sandwiches and vitamins.

6. Considering buying souvenirs for the people back home?  Don’t forget, no one in real life ever actually wants those.

7. Heading out to a restaurant or bar with a lot of friends?  Don’t forget to forget your wallet and promise to catch whoever helps you out later.

8. That $200 a night hotel room isn’t so bad if there are 8 of you in it.

9. You’ll never need to buy drinks at clubs if you stock up at the grocery store and turn your room into a bar.

10. Have no friends but still want to get away and do something? There’s always bird watching?  Ya weirdo.