Spooky Tweet Sent By Murdered Student After Body Found

On September 14th authorities in Grapevine, Texas authorities were alerted to a fire in a park. Tragically in the fire they found the dismembered remains of 24-year-old student Jacqueline Vandagriff wrapped in plastic padding. The next day on September 15th a tweet posted to her Twitter account read, “Never knew I could feel like this.”

Vandagriff was last seen leaving a bar with Charles Dean Bryant on the night of the 13th.  Bryant, a 30-year-old gym instructor has been arrested and charged with the young woman’s murder. He is facing the death penalty and the evidence is stacked against him. Surveillance video from a nearby Walmart show Bryant buying a shovel at around 4:41AM in the morning. Maybe he just wanted to get some early morning gardening done?

Do you think he could be “rehabilitated?”

Evidence of a hole digging  was found near his home and it seems he abandoned that plan to burn the victim’s body in the park.  During this whole time Bryant made his own creepy social media posts, saying on Facebook, “Full moon, let’s see what trouble I can get into.”

It turns out the trouble get got in is capital murder charges and tormenting the friends and family of the deceased with weird Tweets in her name.  

Have you tried turning the computer off and on again?

This reminds me of that remake of the Japanese horror film Pulse where the friends of a guy that was murdered keep getting messages from him in a haunted computer. This seems to be an ongoing problem and hopefully Microsoft is able to send some updates to correct it.

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