This Girl Ate A Dorito So Spicy She Thought She Was Dying

Have you seen the new Doritos Roulette?  The idea is that you’re taking a chance eating the chips in that some chips will, randomly, be way hotter than others.  Hence the roulette idea.  It’s like a game for people who want to have fun with spicy food and, if the internet is any indicator, people love to both eat insanely hot food and watch other people be uncomfortable after they ate insanely hot food.  So how did it come to pass that 14 year old Beth Laybourn was eating these chips and wound up thinking she was going to die?

As it turns out, Beth was eating the chips with her brother and a friend, exactly in the style of Russian Roulette.  Everyone takes a turn, we’ll see who gets burned.  This is the exact point of this bag of chips.  The bag of chips which also has a warning written on it that some of the chips inside are extremely spicy.

So Beth got a spicy one and freaked the hell out.  It was so hot it triggered her asthma and she started having breathing difficulties.  She threw up and drank 4 glasses of milk and still her throat was on fire, as anyone who has eaten a ghost pepper or down shots of hot sauce for Youtube videos will tell you.  That burn lasts a long while.

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In 2015 we still live in a world in which parents and teachers will watch their kid do something completely idiotic and then, instead of blaming the kid, heap their crap onto someone else.  The school issues a warning to parents, a week later, after the girl had another asthma attack, that these Doritos are dangerous and not for kids.

To be clear, the Doritos are not dangerous.  They’re food.  They’re no more dangerous than a peanut.  Not, if you’re allergic to peanuts, then the nuts become an issue.  But that’s your issue, not the peanut’s issue.  Much like these Doritos.  If you have asthma and can’t handle spicy food, maybe it’d be an awesome idea not to eat super spicy Doritos of your own free will.  Maybe that could be a thing you do.

It’s sad that people need to be warned about something with a warning on it, because the clear warning on it is just not good enough.  It shows a laziness and an ignorance common amongst people who end up in these “violation of common sense” type stories, that they didn’t care enough the first time to even think, but now that they know they want to shout it from the rooftops because they feel wronged somehow.

No one wants a little girl to have an asthma attack and feel like she’s literally dying, but that little girl is 14.  She can read, she knows she has a medical condition, she should have known better.  Her slack of forethought becomes everyone else’s problem and isn’t that an all too common problem nowadays?  Something affects one person, one person doesn’t like a thing, and they want to change it for everyone else.  The world isn’t about individuals, it’s about a group.  Individuals live in the woods and shoot strangers.  Civilizations live in cities, share resources and try to make the entire world work together.  Pick a side and eating your damn Doritos.

So what are you thinking?  If you know these chips are insanely hot, are you going to try them?