Lady Smashed A Bottle Over Restaurant Owners Head Because Her Order Was Too Slow

It’s annoying when you place an order at a restaurant and your food is just taking way too long to finally get in your belly, but for most people, they just kind of grin and bear it, leaving the server’s punishment in the form of a lacking tip. But Robin Nicole Harris thought she’d really show her annoyance by taking a beer bottle and smashing it over the restaurant owner’s head which caused a cut above the his left eye.

I love fajitas!

The brawl happened around 7:15PM yesterday at the Mexican restaurant Speedy Gonzales in Tulsa, Oklahoma after Harris’ fajita order too just way too damn long. Apparently the staff at Speedy’s wasn’t so Speedy which led to the fight when Harris then fled the scene. Police found her later at a motel nearby the restaurant. There’s hangry, and then there’s what Ms. Harris decided to do. No word if she ordered room service before the cops showed up.

Harris was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon in a Tulsa jail where they probably won’t be having fajitas on the menu. Man, even Hudson Hawk didn’t hit anyone with a bottle after not successfully getting a cappucino for that entire film until the end.