This Chinese City Has A Special Sidewalk Lane For Cell Phone Addicts

If you are like me, you are sick of people who refuse to put their damn phones down for five minutes.

Sadly that child was squashed by cell phone users who didn’t even notice.

Everyone is constantly texting to the point that it starts to interfere in their daily lives. They can’t be bothered to stop texting while speaking to you in person, taking a dump, or even during surgery.  

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I wasn’t kidding about the surgery.

Who the hell are they talking to all day, anyway? Don’t they have to work a job so they can pay their cell phone bill? At least try to stop texting while you are walking or you are going to end up getting laughed at in a viral video!

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OK, Old Man Haney is done ranting about “the kids” with their texting because it seems like the texters have won, at least in China.

The city of Chongging has unveiled special “cellphone lanes” in its sidewalks alongside lanes for non- cell phone users. One half of the lane is painted with white lettering that says “Cell Phones: Walk In This Lane At Your Own Risk,” and the other side says “No Cell Phones.” Great. Now you can be uninhibited while you walk, text and play Candy Crush until you get crushed walking into traffic.

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I would be in favor of a cell phone – bike lane combo. Kill two birds with one stone.

The city unveiled the special lanes to see if it will increase public safety, keeping stumbling cell phone users away from bicyclists and other pedestrians who are focused on where they are walking and not posting status updates about where they are walking. The lanes were met with skepticism on social media, presumably from people who waited until they got home to write posts about the cell phone lanes. One Chongging citizen wrote:

“It’s such a lazy design. Shouldn’t the cellphone lane be placed farther from the road? It is not practical at all.”

Yeah!  it’s not practical, because people should just watch where they are walking and wait until they are stationary to text on their phone. It’s impractical because someone staring at their Grinder app might wander into the road and get grind-ed.

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Now, if only they’d put these things in the mall and steer them away from the fountains!

Are “cell phone lanes” a good idea? Should we try them in ‘Merica? If so, should we also experiment with cell phone lanes for cars?  Bonus points if you leave your comment while walking.

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