The SpaceX Rocket & Other Sci-Fi Technologies That Would Be Awesome To Have

the spacex rocket taking off

Image Source: Wired

Over the holidays, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company and its Falcon 9 program brought its first stage booster of an orbital rocket back to the ground. But the amazing thing is it landed right side up as if it were taking off, right dead center of the launching pad.

Image Source: Slate

The video of this is pretty awesome and SpaceX has also released some great pics of the whole event…

The vertical landing was made possible through the technology of onboard ‘sensing’ software. It’s pretty insane — considering it’s basically a 12 story building landing right side up after having traveled at about 3,500 mph, and landing back in the center of the X.

That means it had to slow down, turn around, fall towards earth, then refire the engines to land properly.

Image Source: Slate

Image Source: Slate

Reusing a booster is huge because it would cut launch costs pretty much in half when they get ready for another go.

This will be a big leap for space exploration, however, Musk says they will probably not use this one again and just pop it in a museum somewhere to mark the accomplishment…

Image Source: Slate

Sci-fi technology like this brings out the major nerd in me and what SpaceX has accomplished is nothing short of astounding. So it got my sci-fi daydreams going and thinking about other sci-fi technology we’d all like to have today.

We can always dream…


will smith holds up the neuralyzer in Men in Black

Image Source: Complex

How amazing would it be to pull a Men in Black on people and zap their memories? Every dude in the world would use this daily on his girl… or parents, or actually everyone.

The Replicator

Star Trek had some cool sci-fi gadgets, but maybe the coolest most practical was The Replicator. Yes, a machine that replicates anything (mainly food) as long as it has the original source material. Some scientists actually think that nanotechnology can make The Replicator a reality. No more TV dinners for me…


a hoverbike being tested

Image Source: Gear Patrol

They were awesome in Star Wars and are actually in the works now. Not sure when they’ll be on the market – if ever – but I can’t wait to see all those hoverbike crash videos.

Iron Man’s Armored Suit

iron man gets his armor put on

Image Source: Giphy

This would be the greatest tool/toy ever. You jet around at rocket speed and smash through walls without breaking a sweat. And the chicks would dig it.

Time Machine

the back to the future delorean

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Yes, I know, it’s a cliché, but who on earth wouldn’t be down with a time machine? Would love to see it… but it’ll never happen.

Coming Back From Cryonic Suspension

Autin Powers crygenically frozen

Image Source: Cinema 52

For a short period of time, a human can be brought back to life after being frozen – of course, not frozen solid, but being submerged in something like freezing waters for a short period. The biggest problem with cryogenics is your brain dies. And there’s no coming back from that.


super fast lightsaber duel GIF

Image Source: Reddit

Every kid (and adult) has wanted a lightsaber since first seeing them on screen. Unfortunately, they do not exist and the science behind them just doesn’t work in the real world. So we are forced to just pretend with a flashlight… which is still kinda’ cool.

Self-Driving Car

the bumper f a self driving car from Google

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While there are some self-driving cars in existence, they are kinda’ boring and not like the badass sci-fi vehicles we’ve seen time and again in movies. Because those are the self-driving cars we really want.

Source: Slate