Wife Received Suicidal Text From Husband But Southwest Steward Denied Phone Use

A woman was flying back to her home in Milwaukee after a trip with her friends, but when she took her seat waiting for take off she received a haunting text from her husband. He wrote, “Karen, please forgive me for what I am about to do, I am going to kill myself.” Panicked, the wife texted back with a quick “NO”, but when she tried calling him to prevent anything her husband might do, a Southwest flight attendant prevented the woman from using her phone because the plane was about to take off. Karen Momsen-Evers was then forced to sit for 2 hours not knowing what might happen to her husband. And unfortunately when she finally arrived home, Milwaukee police were there to greet her and give her the unfortunate news that her husband took his life.

The text unfortunately wasn’t completely out of the blue because Karen knew her husband had been suffering from severe depression, but still she was in shock when the message came through. Apparently Southwest flight attendants are trained to notify the pilots when there is an emergency, and Southwest claims that no one was notified of Karen’s situation that day.

Here is Southwest’s official statement:

“Our hearts go out to the Evers family during this difficult time. Our flight attendants are trained to notify the Captain if there is an emergency that poses a hazard to the aircraft or to the passengers on-board. In this situation, the pilots were not notified.”

However, when Karen alerted the flight attendant of her situation, after the attendant told her to keep her phone off, this is what allegedly happened as Karen told Fox News:

“The steward slapped the phone down and said you need to go on airplane mode now,” Momsen-Evers said. The unidentified crew member explained that it was “FAA regulations.”

Southwest airlines has yet to give further comment on the situation, but speaking for myself, if I were to ever receive a text like that, flight attendant or no flight attendant, I’m getting on that damn phone to call for help.

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source: Yahoo