Amazing Great White Shark Photo Goes Viral

Unlike a penis drawn on a Bugatti, this terrifying photo snapped of a Great White Shark is totally real. At least according to one source called… National Geographic, if you trust whatever they know about nature photography.

“Hey Guys! Free Mouth Hugs!”

The photo was taken by Amanda Brewer, a New Jersey school teacher who spent August cage diving in Mossel Bay, South Africa, near Seal Island. She submitted the photo to National Geographic who luckily didn’t think it was just another still submitted from Jaws:

[[contentId: 2776035| | style: height:373px; width:498px]]


“Dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun…” It’s got to be hard to be a Great White Shark; every photo you get taken and everyone is all like “Oh man you look like Jaws!” Well, the amazing picture up top does looks like a still from “Jaws”- the iconic first one, not the fourth one, Jaws: The Revenge with a growling, telepathic shark who has the cognitive ability to be “seeking revenge” as seen here:

[[contentId: 2776036| | style: height:374px; width:499px]]

The Only Revenge This Jaws Got was On Movie Goers.

The photo is not without controversy as some people are against cage diving altogether saying it presents a danger to humans and sharks alike. The process of “baiting” (hehe) a shark is where divers attach food to a cage to attract the sharks. Some feel this could teach the powerful animals to associate boaters with food. Not good!

[[contentId: 2776037| ]]

Nom, Nom, Nom.

However Brewer was working with a group called White Shark Africa who she says have the safety of the animals in mind. They don’t actually feed the sharks the bait, only use it to get them close enough for sweet photos like this one. That’s cool, because once again, I’m gonna be sitting my fat ass behind my computer. How about you? Have you ever been or would you go cage diving with sharks?

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