Sophia Loren Tells The Backstory To Infamous Jayne Mansfield Cleavage Photo

Like the photo of Marylyn Monroe’s dress blowing up as she stands over a subway grate, you have probably grown up seeing this iconic image of Sophia Loren giving the death stare toward the bountiful bosom of starlet Jayne Mansfield. Beauty is timeless and these tatas are for the ages. Now Sophia Loren has revealed the true story behind her seemingly judgmental glace toward Mansfield’s Hollywood hills.

“Kids today with their revealing clothing!”

There are two things we can learn from this photograph. A. Women look too. B. Back in the “good old days” of the 1950’s celebrities wore low cut tops to show off their goods and services. Mansfield is a smart phone away from taking some “scandalous” selfies! However the best thing to come from this photo is 57 years later when Loren, now an 80 year old woman told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview about the incident that took place at a Paramount Pictures party in Beverly Hills that was being held in her honor.

“She came right for my table. She knew everyone was watching. She sat down. And now, she was barely… Listen. Look at the picture. Where are my eyes? I’m staring at her nipples because I am afraid they are about to come onto my plate. In my face you can see the fear. I’m so frightened that everything in her dress is going to blow—BOOM!—and spill all over the table.”

“Those knockers are going to knock over my martini.”

So it wasn’t so much a judgmental glance, as a “oh man, this lady’s nipples are going to pop out in my mashed potatoes.” We’ve all been there.

Before the Internet this was the original funny photo to share with your friends. The Break staff of 1957 quickly snapped the pic of these two dames up and sent it out over the teletype for the “40 Swell Photographs” daily gallery. Staff in 1957, uploading a picture.

Loren goes on to say that she gets asked to autograph the photo all the time but won’t out of respect to Jayne Mansfield. Classy lady!

What are some other classic, yet still sexy photographs from pop culture history?

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