Sony Just Uploaded A New ‘The Interview’ Trailer, But What Does It Mean?

After the total clusterf*ck that is The Interview‘s release, from Sony email hacks to the eventual cancellation of the film’s premiere and release date, today, literally just now, Sony uploaded yet a new trailer to the official Sony youtube channel. Huh? It’s especially confusing since Sony posted the “official final trailer” for the film three weeks ago. So what hell is going on here? Why are they just now uploading a new trailer for a movie that potentially won’t see the light of day? (Illegal downloads aside of course.)

Some are already speculating that this trailer is Sony’s way of saying “don’t worry, this thing is coming out on f*cking Christmas” without issuing an official statement about it. Afterall, the trailer says “In Franco & Rogen We Trust” as the trailer’s title on youtube. Seems like a wink to the audience to me. Does this mean Franco and Rogen are going to go over to North Korea and punch some nuts for real? I certainly hope so, because this is getting ridiculous.

Check out the trailer here and judge its meaning for yourself:

[[contentId: 2798053| | size: 100]]

Weird, right? Especially with the Christmas Day tag still displayed at the end. Sony is a pretty tight company, so the idea that it was scheduled to upload before the cancellation is a little silly. Something tells me this is a deliberate message to anyone annoyed that the film’s release was cancelled, and moreso annoyed that we’re letting North Korea tell us what entertainment to distribute.

The comments on this video alone are pretty amazing, which I urge you to jump in on if you feel as strongly about this debacle as they do.

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source: The Film Stage