‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Arrested For Cooking Ex-Wife’s Pet Rabbit

Now that the acclaimed FX drama Sons of Anarchy is officially a part of television’s history, its actors are moving on to other projects. One of the show’s stars is now working on a vigorous defense on charges of animal cruelty and making criminal threats.

Police arrested Dimitri Diatchenko, the actor who played a Russian mobster on the FX series, and also appeared in movies such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Chernobyl Diaries, for cooking and eating his ex-wife’s pet rabbit and threatening to do the same to her.

According to reports, Diatchenko was still living with his ex at the time that he allegedly turned her pet bunny Ella into a twisted main course of hate. Diatchenko’s wife claims that she stepped out of the house on Sunday and while she was away, he killed, skinned, cooked and ate the rabbit and even sent her “step-by-step pictures of what he did.” When she finally returned home to confront him, he threatened to do the same thing to her as well. No word what exactly happened between Diatchenko and his now ex-wife, but it must’ve been a real doozy to turn him into a rabbit-eating madman.

Here’s a photo of the rabbit that Diatchenko allegedly killed and cooked because this story couldn’t be sad enough.

Diatchenko has since been released from jail and faces up to four years if he’s found guilty of the assault and threat charges. You know someone is crazy when they decide to mimic a scene from Fatal Attraction and somehow how find a way to take even that a step too far.

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Source: NY Daily News