Chinese Man Tries To Pull The Ol’ Fake Son Prank

You ever tell a little white lie that keeps coming back on you until it’s spiraled out of control?  Ever had it happen bad enough that it made international news?  If not, consider yourself lucky you didn’t mess up as bad as Huang Xiaoyong from China.

Huang used to have a son, but he was born with congenital muscular dystrophy and died in 2009.  Thing is, Huang never got around to telling his mom, instead assuring her the boy was undergoing treatment and things were looking good!

As you might expect, there came a time when grandma wanted to see her grandson again, especially since his treatment had been going so well for the last 7 years and he was now even able to stand on his own with the help of a cane.  Since the actual grandson had been mostly raised by his grandmother before his illness got too bad, she demanded to see him again.  This is what you call an “oops.”

But rather than come clean and tell his mom what really happened, Huang went to the media with a new plan.  Since his lie has been working for 7 years so far, maybe a stranger could help him pull off another 5 or 6 years.  All he wants is a local man who is about the same age and height of his son to pretend the part before he gets sent off for more treatment.  Grandma’s eyesight is bad these days so she won’t know the difference anyway!

No word on how many offers Huang has received, but here’s hoping we get an update one day on whether or not grandma fell for it.  As far as pranks go, this is one for the history books. It’s just hard to tell whether it’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever done, or one of the worst.