Someone Made A “Gameboy” On The Back Of A Business Card & Soon You Can Get One

Last year Kevin Bates made headlines when he handed out his business card that features a tiny, playable Gameboy style video game device he made called the Arduboy. This was an insanely clever way to show off his electronics and programing skills to potential employers, and blow gamers minds.

However, while looking for work his “business card” actually became a way to gainful self-employment. The reaction from the public, once the Arduboy went viral was immense with demand quickly growing for a consumer version. So Bates quit his day job, moved to China and spent the past year refining the Aduboy for everyone to enjoy getting finger cramps.

The 1.6 millimeter thick device is able to play 8-bit games and features six buttons, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours of gameplay, microUSB connectivity and a two channel speaker. You can download over 20 games, plus connecting to the USB port you can even use it as a keyboard and mouse.


Now Bates has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $25,000 to help cover production and distribution costs. You can watch him sell if here and learn about more features:

Is this all cool if you happen to forget about the $300 smart phone in your pocket, or would you buy an Arduboy to pull out of your wallet and play 8-bit games on?

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Source: Gizmodo