Someone Left Creepy Lookalike Dolls In Front Of Young Girls’ Homes

Eight young girls and their families in San Clemente, California are terrified by an anonymous gift they received at their homes. Each of the girls, who are about 10-years old, found something completely horrific: a porcelain doll that looked like them. Even Freddy Krueger thinks that’s creepy.

Some of the girls attend the same elementary school in Orange County, and all of them live in the same neighborhood. The Sherrifs Department is attempting to see if there is any connection between the girls who received the creeptastic dolls, other than none of them will be sleeping very well tonight.

The offending porcelain specimens have been turned over to the local police department where they are locked up as evidence. Authorities are concerned this could be the work of a sexual predator who is stalking the girls.

Is it a prank? Is there some specific motivation? Anything that has the potential to involve children causes us some concern.Sheriff’s Department Lt. Jeff Hallock said.

The creepy dolls in question. Sick!

What is really funny about this entire incident is that maybe someone just wanted to do something nice and is now too embarrassed to come forward and admit it, espicaly now that the local news called them creepy and insinuated that whoever made them is a child molester.

Have we all just watched too many horror movies? Is it possible that someone just wanted to do something nice?  Or is this the beginning of an effort by a local witch to capture the souls of the young ladies inside each of the porcelain vessels in an attempt to achieve immortality through black magic? I'm just asking questions.

Dolls was a horror movie that knew how to get on the Chucky bandwagon. - Is that Meryl Streep?

Maybe a sweet old lady who makes dolls and who grew up in a simpler time just wanted to give all the young girls in her neighborhood a nice gift, anonymously.

I just want to give young girls dolls. And nightmares.

Is it possible? Or do we live in a world where when a girl gets a doll, the police lock the thing up as “evidence.” Although, taking a second look at those dolls, damn they are really creepy.

*UPDATE*  I called it! An elderly woman who attends church with some of the girls has come forward as the sinister culprit. Apparently she has a large doll collection and wanted to get rid of some of them, and thought it would be nice to gift to the girls. What is ironic is that now the old woman has been humiliated like this, having her gifts insulted as "creepy" she is going to totally suck the children's souls from thier bodies and trap them forever inside the dolls so they know what "creepy" really means! 

Do you think it was fair for everyone to freak out over the dolls?

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