Someone Got Tased For Using Their Cell Phone In A Movie Theater

There are few things more annoying in this world than someone who thinks it’s OK to use a cell phone in a movie theater. One guy who had this very same mindset got the tasering he so richly deserved during a confrontation with the local police. 

This guy should be Tased just for wearing that sweater in public. 

Timothy Wagner of Louisville, Kentucky was sitting in a darkened movie theater but for some reason, he seemed more interested in texting and talking on his cell phone than watching the movie that he and his fellow moviegoers paid to see. Several people in the theater complained to the manager who told him several times to either put the phone away or leave the theater. Eventually, the manager kicked him out but Wagner allegedly refused to leave. The manager called the police and as they escorted him out of the building, Wagner tried to muscle his way back inside-  so the officers tasered him. 

That’s pretty much what we imagined what this jerk would look like only with a lot more drooling coming from his mouth. 

Wagner told police following his arrest that he had been drinking before he went to the theater and that he was also “working through some personal issues.” Is being a massive a-hole considered a “personal issue” if it effects the people around you? Either way, this is how we should respond to anyone who uses a cell phone in a movie theater from this point forward. They should pass tasers out at the door

Source: WDRB