Someone Got A “Left Shark” Tattoo And Something Is Definitely Wrong With It

Had Pepsi known that the real winner of the multi-million dollar Super Bowl Half Time show would be a guy awkwardly dancing in a foam shark costume, well this country would’ve saved a lot of money.

After the now iconic “Left Shark” became the real MVP of the entire Super Bowl, creating hundreds of memes and jokes at the dancer’s cost, someone actually went out and got a Left Shark tattoo commemorating the moment we paid attention to it for a good 48 hours. Make that 49 after this article.

Unfortunately for the man sporting the new tattoo, it looks as though the shark has some sort of medical problem.

Not to come up with too many scenarios as to why a shark has a foggy red blotch by their legs, but it does look as though left shark had a bad day at the pool. Seriously though, what is that? Is it supposed to be a stage light? One of those dancing beach balls? Did the tattoo artist screw up and then cover it up with something worse?

Posted in Reddit by user “HollyGoHeavy”, there’s no word yet as to what their real name is or how mental they really are. All we know is this tattoo exists and that might just be enough.

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source: Mashable