Someone Floated Into The Air With 90 Balloons And A Lawn Chair

Mankind has always dreamed of being able to fly and now that we have things like airports, mankind has dreamed of ways of being able to fly that doesn’t make you so mad that you could physically strangle a puppy. Professional skier, base jumper and stuntman Erik Roner finally tried the way we’ve always wanted to fly but never had the balls or FAA clearance in order to try. 

It’s amazing what FAA regulations you can violate with just a few balloons and a lawn chair. 

Roner got a bunch of balloons, 50 tanks of helium and a lawn chair and put them all together to see what would happen. He also attached a bunch of GoPro cameras so we could all enjoy the ride without showing the world how high pitched our screams would sound when we’re in actual fear for our lives. 

By the end of his journey, Roner reached a peak altitude of 8,000 feet before he pulled the cord and started plummeting back to the ground safe and sound. He also brought a gun so he could shoot the balloons to get himself closer to the ground before pulling the release cord that sent him and the chair racing towards the earth. Of course, this isn’t the first time that someone has tried such a stunt.

The most famous case happened back in 1982 when Larry Walters decided he’d try to fly using 42 weather balloons and a lawn chair from his backyard. He reached a peak height of 16,000 feet and eventually landed when his rig got caught up in some power lines. Is it wrong that we really want to see a YouTube video of that flight more than Roner’s successful launch? 

Source: Io9