Someone Finally Invents A Pair Of Lego Proof Slippers

If you’re a parent, you definitely know what it’s like to step on a Lego brick with your bare feet. Those tiny little building blocks could be used as torture by an enemy combatant. Finally, someone has done something about it. 

Brand Station, an advertising agency in France, came up with the first pair of slippers designed to protect your delicate feet from the harsh corners of the rogue Lego brick. They will be given away as part of a special promotion with Lego, according to CNET.

What if you just had Lego person feet?

These special slippers have extra padding on the bottom to cushion the sharpest Lego brick from your feet. That is unless you have one of those evil children who like to whittle them down to a fine point and leave them in the spots around your house with the heaviest amount of foot traffic. 

Only 1,500 pairs of these special slippers are being given away but you can apply to win a pair by filling out a special form on Lego’s website. Sending them a picture of your bloodied feet probably won’t help win one of them. 

Source: UPI