Someone Deep Fried A Big Mac And It Looks Amazing

We deep fry everything in America. We deep fry chicken and steak. We deep fry things that have already been deep fried. We probably even deep fry things that aren’t technically food just to say that we did it. And that last one is a perfect segue to McDonald’s Big Mac. 

This is just pornographic.

McDonald’s most famous sandwich has been a staple on its menu dating back to the early days of the company. It’s one of the most famous sandwiches in the world and that means it’s been begging to be covered with flour and egg mixture and dipped in a boiling hot fat of oil until it’s covered in crispy goodness. Someone on Instagram named PeepMySneaks decided to do just that and share their creation with the rest of the world assuming that they actually had enough energy and blood flow in order to share it right after they tried it. 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer up a recipe for frying McDonald’s famous double decker burger probably because they could legally be brought up on weapon supply charges. However, if you know how to deep fry, it appears to be pretty straightforward. You just coat the thing, dip on a stick and smother it with Big Mac sauce. You should also put an ambulance on speed dial if you plan on actually eating it. 

Would you try a deep fried Big Mac if they offered one at McyD’s?

Source: Elite Daily