Someone Built A Wall In Their House Entirely Out Of Legos

Legos are an amazing toy. They can do some incredible things. They can help a small child bring their deep and boundless imagination to life. They can bring fantastic objects into the real world. They can turn the strongest of men into crying babies if they happen to step on one while barefoot. A studio in Germany made Legos even more awesome by showing how they can be used as real building material

We could make a joke here about how good Germans are at building walls but we’ll hold off this time.  

The German studio NPIRE gathered a huge collection of 55,000 Lego bricks and built an entire arched wall out of them in their offices. The wall stands at a height of 9 feet  and covers the entire width and height of the hallway. It also features the company’s logo and a fully supported archway that visitors can walk through unless the person walking through it is one of those a-holes who used to love building things just so they could smash them to pieces when they were finished. 

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“This is the Hoover Dam of Lego Projects” Said No One.

Of course, this is far from the biggest livable structure that anyone has built out of Legos. “Top Gear” host James May oversaw the construction of a two-story house made completely out of Legos that he actually stayed in for a night before it was torn down when a new owner couldn’t be found. Between the two, we may have found an interesting solution to the looming housing crisis.

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The wall in progress.