Somebody Made a Zombie Proof Bicycle

Zombies have become an interesting subculture of fandom. The die-hard (no pun intended) lovers all things undead don’t just dress up as the shambling masses. They actually make weapons, armor and even bunkers to prepare for a fictional disaster that will never happen, which makes you wonder how they are preparing for real life scenarios like falling in love and the looming college debt crisis. Let’s hope neither involve actual crossbows. 

Now if they could only find a comic book fan with the physical strength to pedal it. 

Now that Halloween is just a couple of days away, an insurance company in the UK decided to give the zombie lovers one more thing to drool over by building the world’s first zombie proof bicycle. This Schwinn with balls comes with just about everything you need to fight off the undead hordes and get your daily cardio workout. It includes a handlebar mounted chainsaw, an easy-to-access hatchet, smoke grenades and a flamethrower. It even has a splatter shield mounted on the front in case you need to look pristine for an important business meeting after you plow through a crowd of walking corpses. 

[[contentId: 2781485| | size: 75]]

Their design is impressive but it does have one noticeable design flaw. It leaves the driver wide open to an attack. You might as well cover yourself in a lovely hollandaise sauce and ride a buffet cart through a crowd of zombies. 

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Zombie is not impressed.