FYI, Some Hot Dog Brands Contain Human DNA

Hot dogs are an American tradition whether you’re taking your children to the ballpark or out for a Fourth of July picnic and want to keep them fed and healthy for the cheapest amount to the fullest extent that the law requires. Some might say that there’s a little bit of America in hot dogs and thanks to a new report, that’s no longer just a metaphorical concept. 

A new consumer startup group called Clear Food took a look at our favorite brands of hot dogs including 345 hot dogs from 75 major brands including some meatless brands for vegetarians. The report found that 2-percent of them contain traces of human DNA and 2/3rd of that 2-percent came from vegetarian hot dogs. So if you’re a vegetarian, look on the bright side. Sure you’re now technically a cannibal but at least you didn’t become one by stuffing your face with mechanically separated pig anuses like most people. 

Who is in charge of getting the meat for hotdogs, Sweeney Todd? Am I right?

Actually, you’ll have to take that thought back because the report also said that 4 of the 21 vegetarian brands still had traces of meat. So not only is there a chance that you’ve eaten a pig anus but you didn’t get to actually enjoy because it was made to taste like tofu. 

Yeah, we will all still eat them.

The report also said that several of the brands still had “hygienic issues” and contained types of meat that weren’t listed on the label. In other words, they’re what all Americans consider to be hot dogs. 

Source: UPI