The Oscars Snubbed These Black Actors So We Turned Them Into Boring White People

With many angry over how the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences refuse to nominate African American actors and actresses year after year (with this year being one of the more obvious examples with films like Concussion and Beasts of No Nation), we thought we’d try to figure out a way to get the Academy to notice the African American thespians by making them white in their headshots.

The following actors should quickly change their imdb profiles so when the aging Academy members look up these actors online, they’ll think they’re just one of the boys.

5. Will Smith as a plain white guy.

Will Smith was stellar in Concussion but apparently this image might’ve looked better next to Eddie Redmayne at the Oscars ceremony in some voter’s eyes.

4. Michael B. Jordan as a plain ginger.

Making yet another semi-sequel to Rocky and having it NOT suck needs an award unto itself. Michael B. Jordan as Apollo Creed’s son is amazing, but maybe they should’ve had Michael B. Jordan play a white guy playing a black guy. Worked for Robert Downey Jr….who was nominated for Tropic Thunder.

3. Jason Mitchell as a plain chubby white guy.

Jason Mitchell was incredible as Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton. But you know what Academy voters like more than an African American playing a character dying of HIV? A white guy playing a character dying of HIV (i.e. Philadelphia, Dallas Buyer’s Club, etc.)

2. Idris Elba as a plain older white guy.

Idris Elba was amazing in Beasts of No Nation. But with this picture, the older voters might actually mistake him for George Clooney, giving him better odds.

1. Chris Rock as a boring plain white guy.

Chris Rock didn’t get snubbed this year but he is hosting the award ceremony, which is like putting a carrot in front of a horse without feeding it. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

BONUS: Meryl Streep as Oprah.

Meryl Streep has won like 57 Oscars. Oprah however has not.

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