Canadian Sketch Writer Wants To Sue After Seeing ‘SNL’ Allegedly Steal His Idea

I’m sure writing for SNL can be a dream job but also an extremely stressful one. Much like any writing gig where you have to come up with winning idea after winning idea, week after week (judged by other people on whether or not it’s actually golden) is the name of the game, and if you don’t deliver and deliver often, you’re out looking for another job.

Canadian comedian named Mark Critch is claiming that SNL ripped off his “Win, Lose or Draw Muhammad” sketch calling bullsh*t on SNL for creating a very, very similar sketch called “Picture Perfect.” So much so he’s thinking of suing NBC, with his lawers speaking to their lawyers as of this writing. The idea in both sketches is that contestants are on a game show not unlike “Win, Lose or Draw”, with one contestant given a secret name (Muhammad in both cases) to draw next. Hilarity ensues as both contestants really don’t want to draw Muhammad on live television. The non-SNL sketch written by Jeremy Woodcock aired on Canada’s 22 Minutes comedy show aired in January.

Check out the two similar sketches below:

Critch who is the mustached man in the Canadian sketch titled “Win, Lose or Draw Muhammad” (who is also a writer on the show) had this to say about his alleged rip off.

“They did pretty much the exact same sketch,” he said.

“Never ever, in all my years of of making fun of people, have I seen anything that’s pretty much word for word,” he said. 

“It’s kind of like if two different high schools are doing the same production of a high school play, different actors but the same thing.”

Of course SNL has yet to make comment on their sketch so besides the two comedy pieces being similar, all one can say is this is a pretty huge coincidence, especially since the two sketches were created within months of each other. Lorne Michaels does enjoy his Canadian humor after all often hiring Canadian performers like Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman and Norm MacDonald to just name a few.

So what do you guys think? Did an SNL writer get lucky or get desperate after stumbling across this sketch?

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source: CBC