SNL’s Newest Castmember Jon Rudnitsky Seems Like A Real Douchebag

Meet SNL’s newest castmember Jon Rudnitsky. If there were ever a comedian made from a bro laboratory created with Axe body spray and gangbang jokes, it’s this guy. I’m always fascinated when SNL casts some totally obscure person to join the legendary sketch show but was actually surprised that this guy not only lacks in humor, but really any comedy based outside of degrading women. Not that he’s risque with his jokes, he’s just completely void of any humor altogether.  And people are starting to call him out on it now that he’s on everyone’s radar after winning the coveted position on Saturday Night Live.

Here’s a really clever joke about gangbanging women.

Here’s another clever joke about gangbanging women.

Here’s a smart joke about women.

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Who knew you could repeat the same gangbang joke and keep it so fresh!

Here’s a joke about the gay community that is top notch.

Really smart, just smart material here. How does he come up with it!

Rudnitsky’s humor is so top shelf, he has a Vine account for his other gems because sometimes Twitter is just too…constricting, y’know. Here’s a great racist joke about the Mexican community.

Am I annoyed that this guy who has the comedy chops of a high school sophomore got a job that should’ve gone to someone much funnier? Of course I am! And since news hit that SNL producers have deemed this guy worthy of their legendary stage, everyone is looking into this guy to see how good he actually is. Unfortunately there’s just not much to see here and everyone is already noticing.

I think this guy needs to sharpen his skills or at least tone down his racist, homophobe and misogyny humor just a bit before working with a crew that’s been around longer than he has.