The Sneeve Strikes A Blow At Big Tissue

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I for one am sick and tired of having to wipe my snot on my sleeve after a hearty sneeze. Now I can do it and display it proudly with the Sneeve.

Yep. The Sneeve is a real thing. Check it out:

Who Made It?

  • Stan Bratskeir, from Long Island, has created the Sneeve after watching his grandson sneeze and blow snot into the crock of his arm.
  • “I said ‘Chase, you know what you need? You need a Sneeve,'” Bratskeir said.
  • So Stan the man invented the Sneeve.

a boy showing off the Sneeve.

Image Source: NY Daily News


  • I immediately wondered if it was made out of another shirt. Or tissue or something. Shows you how dumb I am…
  • The Sneeve is made with a synthetic fabric and is flexible, so it won’t feel like you are wearing an elbow brace.
  • Bratkeir stated that the material’s design includes citric acid and silver and claims it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

A little girls sneezes into her Sneeve.

Image Source: NY Daily News

  • Like color options? Those are coming. Right now you can only get blue, but the Sneeve’s inventor wants to bring colors like tie-dye and camouflage.
  • And moms shouldn’t worry about washing your snot like they are cloth diapers or something.
  • These babies are disposable.
  • You can get your own snot disposer for $6.99 online, and they should be available in stores next year.

What Else is Good About It?

  • The Sneeve is also a good reminder to little snot-nosed kids that they need to sneeze or cough into their sleeve – and not all over everyone around them.
  • “It wasn’t an intended use,” Sneeve’s inventor said, “but one of the outcomes is that the Sneeve is a reminder for kids to use the crook of their arm.”
  • Totally better than this:

Woman wears toilet pape ron head for the sniffles.

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The Sneeve might be designed mostly for kids, but I’d love to see a few adults be forced to wear – and use – this. In particular, the waiter I had the other day that sneezed on my table multiple times.

Source: Huffington Post