6 Of The Shadiest, No Good Clickbait Titles of The Week

2016 is just getting underway and the clickbait is strong in this one.  Let’s check out the shadiest of the past week.

The Phoney Baloney Battery

What We Thought: This is a tough one but gut reaction is that the baloney fused with the battery and this is how the Borg from Star Trek were created.

What It Was: A totally serious video warning about the dangers of eating watch batteries.  Yes, eating batteries is bad, please don’t let your children do it.  Because if they hold one in their throat for two hours, it will burn their esophagus.  In case you didn’t know eating batteries was a poor idea.

Car Bomb Extravaganza!

What We Thought: Clearly someone is trying to car bomb the local cops

What It Was: It was an antique World War One bomb.  That’s a significant detail to include.

The Demon of Vague Things

What We Thought: This is the laziest clickbait title of all time.  If this were actual bait it would be a cracker someone rubbed against a worm in the hopes a desperately hungry fish would care.

What It Was: A man drove himself and his two kids into the sea killing all three of them.  So technically the question is valid, and yet provides no details whatsoever.  It’s about the shadiest click bait we’ve seen in a while thanks to its laziness.

Is This a Drunken Irish Joke?

What We Thought: This is a drunken Irish joke.

What It Was: A story about how dead batteries are the most common cause of breakdowns for irish drivers.  Very sneaky.

The Jive and Dook


What We Thought: Proof we’ve been pooping wrong all these years

What It Was: What a load, no pun intended.  It’s tips on staying regular, like eating lots of fiber and drinking more water.  That won’t help me if I need a super fast poop right now.

The Filth Merchant

What We Thought: Is there even such a thing as the most disgusting thing on the internet? 

What It Was: An article on why people like looking at gross things.  None of this explains goatse though, not really.