Metal Band Slipknot Not Allowed To Burn Camel Poop At Festival

Sorry maggots, the metal band Slipknot’s plan to burn camel dung at their annual Knotfest music festival has been squashed by local authorities in California.  ..Wait, what? Yes you read that correctly, the Grammy winning, multi-platinum recording artists planned on filling oil drums with camel caca and setting them on fire for the entirety of their three day hard rock festival. It may seem like a weird choice, to have fans who are paying $40 to $100 bucks to get in be forced to smell animal crap, but to me it makes perfect sense. The smell of camel shit would be a huge improvement from the smell inside their masks!

You Can’t Burn Camel Dung Without Marlon Brando’s Eyes

The band had released a statement regarding the inclusion of oil drums filled with poop saying;

“Knotfest has its own aroma that will infest your brain, body and clothes for days after the festival is over. Personally picked by Slipknot themselves, the smell of Knotfest will permeate the festival grounds. Oil drums will be filled with camel shit… set aflame to last the entire festival.”

Inside My Shell I Wait And Poop

The (formerly) nine member masked band has always been part performance art, but once you bring actual poop into the picture you are getting into strange territory like those “artists” who cover themselves in vomit and sit in a museum for seven days. To each his poo smelling own I guess.

This sculpture is made of panda poop and could be the inspiration for a new Slipknot song.

You would think that burning feces would violate some sort of health code and would be a no brainer as to why authorities put the kibosh on it. Knot so fast. The best part is that they weren’t concerned with fecal laced flames wafting up everyone’s nostrils as they are with the burning of the oil itself which is illegal in California. Well that’s knot good.

Let’s Hope Anthrax Doesn’t Want To Start Burning Its Namesake At Their Shows

Knotfest organizers say that while their first plan didn’t work out, they are working on… number two. They are looking for an alternative way to get the scent of camel poop out there during the festival. I’m guess that after a few hours of Slipknot fans in the mosh pit, they could just ball everyone’s black T-shirts up, pile them together and blow a fan back at them.  That or they could just start lighting singer Corey Taylor’s farts…

And We Will Burn Your Cities Down.. With A Flaming Bag Of Dog Poop On Your Door

If you didn’t want to read a punch of poop jokes on Break today, well you clicked on the wrong article; your fault, not mine!

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