Man Sleeping In Park Sues For Head Injuries Caused By Falling Pine Cone

Can mankind be held responsible for Mother Nature? Well, a man must think that the nation’s national parks should keep an eye on every single pine cone on every single tree in every single park because he’s suing them after he got hit in the head with one.

Sean Mace, a resident of Washington, filed a lawsuit against the US Government, the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park in a federal court in early September over an incident in which he claims he suffered a serious brain injury after being struck on the head with a 16-pound pine cone in the national park last year. The injuries must be real because only someone with a serious head injury would think that a part should be responsible for every piece of plant life in its parks.

To be fair, it could’ve been a flying cork from a nearby wedding reception.

Mace visited the park in October of 2014 when he decided to take a nap under a tree. The large pine cone fell off the tree he was snoozing under and struck him on the noggin. The pine cone comes from an Australian tree called the Araucaria bidwillii or “monkey puzzle tree” that is known for growing abnormally large pine cones as big as 16 inches in diameter that weigh as much as 40 pounds. Mace was rushed to a nearby hospital and had to have two surgeries to prevent internal bleeding in his brain. The park later put up signs and fences regarding the large pine cones but Mace says they should have done that before he decided to take a nap under the tree.

Why stop there? The park also should have not made their facility so boring that it forced him to have to take a nap to regain the strength to walk back to his car.