This Hated Company Created A “Slave Tetris” Game To Teach Kids About Slavery

A game company thought they would release an educational application that would teach children about slavery and what actually happened during that time. Unfortunately one level of the game which has been given the nickname “Slave Tetris”, because, well, it looks like Tetris depicting slaves being crammed into the hold of a slave ship, has everyone losing their minds. Slave tetris? Really?

Luckily, the company that created the game titled Slave History: Slave Trade 2 wasn’t an American company, but actually a company in Copenhagen Denmark. Thank God, America is in enough trouble as it is with this stuff.

The synopsis of the game sounds about as ridiculous as you’d imagine: “Travel back in time to the 18th century and witness the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade firsthand. In this episode, you will be working as a young slave steward on a ship crossing the Atlantic.” For it being as self-described “horrific”, they sure make it pretty light-hearted.

What would make a kid want to play this, let alone a game creator want to actually create this is beyond me. I mean, I know children all over have been really into roleplaying as “young slave stewards” when they’re not playing in the backyard as Iron Man and The Flash, but this one seems just a tad ridiculous. “Hey, you know what kids might enjoy? Slave trading!”

The company Serious Games which created this masterpiece eventually removed the “slave tetris” portion of the game but buyers are still able to purchase Slave Trade 2 for all of their educational needs. The education being bad ideas of course, and how to achieve them.