Man’s Skinny Jeans Actually Prevented Him From Getting Mugged

Skinny jeans are really just awful but some men still believe that they look at their best if their legs appear to be made of two pool noodles. Well for one hipster, his fashion choice had actually paid off and not because a woman finally decided too notice.

Walking back to his apartment in Bushwick, New York (one of the more hipster destinations in America), the young man named German Sent (one of the more hipster names in America) was confronted by three men looking to take his valuables including his wallet and iphone. When the muggers tried to get in the man’s pockets, his jeans were apparently so damn tight the muggers realized this mugging was a tougher job than they had anticipated. Apparently the three men kept arguing with each other to hurry up and get into the man’s front pocket but just couldn’t wedge enough space to do so.

After attempting at removing German’s belongings for what probably seemed like an eternity, the three men gave up and took off, defeated by those damn skinny jeans.

The question is, what pair of skinny jeans were so skinny, it actually prevented someone from reaching into their own front pocket. Designer Kenneth Cole is the guilty hero in this tale of crime thanks to his desire for the skinniest of denim. So thank you Kenneth Cole for making your pants so tight, it saved a man from being robbed. Now if only skinny jeans wouldn’t rob men of their dignity on a daily basis.