Skeleton For Class Demonstrations Turns Out To Be Real! So They Have A Funeral!

Remember when you were in high school biology and how your teacher would have you memorize the names of certain bones on a hanging skeleton?

What if that skeleton actually came from a human being? Well, for starters, you probably would have paid attention more and actually passed the class because your eyes would always be on it to make sure it didn’t come to life and try to steal your soul. 

  • Students at Haydock High School in Manchester, England found out that the skeleton that their art class used came from a human being.
  • The skeleton, nicknamed “Arthur” by students and teachers, had been in use around the school for the last 40 years until art teacher Sandra Dixon thought it looked a little too accurate for a prop.
  • So she did some digging and discovered that the skeleton came from an unidentified Indian man who died more than 100 years ago.
  • That scrubbing sound you hear are the constant washing of hands by every school employee who ever came in contact with the skeleton. 
  • A local funeral home offered to bury the remains for free including a coffin, hearse and pallbearers.
  • Several staff members and students from the school attended the funeral since Arthur was technically a fellow employee. I’m sure they are going to miss seeing Arthur’s smiling face. Then again, he’ll probably show up again one day in their deepest, darkest nightmares. 

Source: HuffPo