SJW Punches Guy In Side Of Head, Guy Delivers Beatdown In Response

There are only a few certainties in life that everyone can count on: at some point we will all die (RIP us), at least 1.5 socks will be lost after every three dry cycles, and if you hit someone and then turn your back to them, you’re gonna get hit right back.

Guess who learned that last one the hard way.

Girl, look at who you are going up against. Look at him. He’s not impressive in any way shape or form, but at least he doesn’t look like he’s spent the last 20-some years living in the dark housing Little Debbie snack cakes and watching Naruto re-runs. And while that might sound mean, it’s almost a scientific fact that anyone who wears a lanyard overtop of their shirt IN PUBLIC is a fucking virgin. I wouldn’t go picking a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger, just like she shouldn’t go pick a fight with anyone who isn’t in a wheelchair.

And then she goes and hits him…AND WALKS AWAY. And goddamn at the way she walks – “I sure fought the patriarchy today!” was probably the last thing that went through her mind as he clocks her from the side and she immediately hits the ground. But thank GOD her friend went and got involved, because then we get to see her get her ass beat too in the world’s strongest example of “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”