The New Batman 4D Roller Coaster Looks Absolutely Insane

We featured a CGI representation of the coming 4D Batman Ride, but now the updated Six Flags ride is complete, tested and ready for some Dark Knights to ride it with video showcasing what the thing actually looks like. If you’re a fan of rollercoasters, you’re gonna love this. If you’re a fan of rollercoasters that make you feel unattached to the ride itself, flipping you around, forwards and backwards, then you’re going to REALLY love this.

I almost want to throw up from just watching it.

Unfortunately it’s not available at all Six Flags theme parks with the only one exisiting in Texas’ “Six Flags Fiesta”, but that’s probably because they’re just waiting for someone to die on this thing. Better to shut down one instead of twenty, right? In all seriousness, you couldn’t pay me enough to ride this nutty bastard.

I’ll just wait by the funnel cake kiosk so we can go ride some bumper cars. Regardless of the ride itself, I’m just glad they’ve kept the vintage ’89 Batman logo instead of updating it to the Nolan version. Points, Six Flags. Points. The ride will be open for your sick enjoyment on May 23rd.

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