Texas Police Force Young Girls To Shut Down ‘Illegal’ Lemonade Stand

With drug dealers and hardcore criminals roaming the streets, it’s nice to know that the Overton Police Department in Texas are cracking down on the real evil of the streets: young sisters selling lemonade.

8-year-old Andria Green and 7-year-old Zoey Green set up a lemonade stand to raise money for a Father’s Day gift. All was going well until police busted them for the threatening activity of selling lemonade. Chief Clyde Carter said “It’s illegal to sell lemonade without a permit, but we didn’t tell them to shut down, we just asked them to get a permit.” That’s nice of Chief Carter to not shut them down. It’s just better that they bruise their entrepreneurial spirit.

Not to be held down by the man, their mother, Sandi Evans took the girls to City Hall to get the required Peddler’s Permit to sell lemonade, but found out they would also have to get a license from the Rusk County Health Department before being allowed a Peddler’s Permit. Things sure have changed since the days I opened my lemonade stand when I was young boy – and I’m sure my work area was not up to code.

Once Evans jumped through all the hoops they would have to get through just to sell some lemonade, she thought the girls should stop “selling” lemonade. She said, “The girls are still going to have the stand, but they’re just going to ask for donations instead.” Nice. The girls re-opened the stand and started to accept donations for their beverage, which was fine for Chief Carter. Despite all the malarky they had to go through just to sell lemonade, they have discovered that the whole town is backing them up in the form of $200 in donations, support from local businesses, and even tickets to Splash Kingdom, where they wanted to take their dad for Father’s Day. It’s like an ending to a Punky Brewster episode.

Andria and Zoey were given lemons and in the end…they literally made lemonade (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)