Some Perverted Programmers Have Modified ‘Sims 4’ To Include Incest and Polygamy

As expected, The Sims 4 is getting weird. Thanks to a modder who added incest, teen pregnancy, and polygamy to the game, it’s is pretty much turning the world of The Sims into Westeros.

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The game, as originally designed, likes to keep things light, so there are restrictions such as no romance between family members (this has happened in the past as a glitch — the Sims equivalent to getting reeeaaaallllllyyyyyy drunk), and no teen pregnancies. That’s where Billy Rand comes in.

Rand specializes in “forbidden” mods that subvert the simulations to be a little more “different.” Earlier in the week, he uploaded videos that showcase his bizarre new mods.

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Thanks Billy?

I’d be happy enough with a mod that gives me the jacket from Drive. This guy really went the extra mile, which evidently leads you just down the path from Craster’s Keep.

This kind of thing isn’t new to The Sims. In past versions of the game, modders created much more taboo simulations. In fact, Billy Rand designed a mood for The Sims 3 that allows you to have a miscarriage. Thanks again, Billy?

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Of course, there are situations in other videogames that hinge on the taboo. For instance, Donkey Kong abducted Princess Peach with intention to defile. Pac-Man ate pills all day to the point that he thought he saw ghosts. Probably got them from Dr. Mario, who is well-known to over-prescribe. (Source)