“The Simpsons” Skins Are Coming To Minecraft

“Minecraft” has become an immortal franchise in the world of video games. So it only makes sense that it will collide with another immortal franchise from another realm of entertainment. “The Simpsons” are coming to “Minecraft.”

Microsoft, the new owners of the block building behemoth, announced that “Minecraft” players who own the Xbox 360 or Xbox One versions of the game will be able to download special skins that will let them play as members of Springfield’s most famous family The Simpsons. Players will also be able to download 19 additional skins that will let them play as other residents of Springfield such as Moe, Barney Gumble, Chief Wiggum and (the one we’re really hoping for) Ralph. This means we could actually rebuild Springfield as The Simpsons if only we had the time and the patience to finish such a project before moving on to shoot things in “Far Cry 4.”

We’re really hoping that this means we’ll get to see a special “Minecraft” theme episode like they did with LEGO and the awesome “Brick Like Me” episode. Sure they already did a couch gag with a “Minecraft” theme but there has to be all kinds of great gags and stories that “The Simpsons” writers could cook up in a “Minecrafti-ian” Springfield. Just imagine all the stuff a Minecraft Homer would build in such a world if he actually had a healthy work ethic.

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source: Wired