The Biggest Spoiler For Kevin Smith’s ‘Silent Bob’ Character Revealed By Smith


Remember the headline for this article? Welp, here it goes…Silent Bob will die in his film titled Moose Jaws, a Canadian driven parody of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

In what is probably the biggest spoiler to ever be divulged for any film well before it’s release date BY THE FILMMAKER, Kevin Smith has decided to just spill the beans to anyone willing to listen. And we’re listening, and kind of hope we didn’t. Oh, but at least he doesn’t say HOW he dies, right? Oh no, he does tell you how he dies as well.

Here’s what Smith wrote regarding his character’s death in Moose Jaws.

Apparently Smith doesn’t like making box office money and would prefer spoiling what might be the film’s biggest moment years in advance.

Thanks to Cinema Blend for the heads up/ruining the film’s moment for me, but I’m kind of glad to know that he dies overall. I wasn’t nearly impressed by Clerks 2, and he completely ruined Tusk with the weird addition of Johnny Depp’s cartoonish Canadian detective to the second half of the film, so Moose Jaws could be really just as unfortunate as well.

I do love it when Smith tries to do something a bit more original and think he mostly shines when parodying pop culture mainstays like Star Wars for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, however Moose Jaws looks to be another result of Smith getting high with his buddies and coming up with a not-so-thought-out premise but think “it’d be hilarious to do” all the same, much like Tusk. But back to the point, knowing how Silent Bob dies years before we even see one frame of film is just wrong. Damn you, Smith and your need for media attention!



So does Smith’s impatience to withold important information regarding the story of Moose Jaws ultimately push you away from buying a ticket, or are you enticed…which was probably his hope. And who are we kidding, he’ll just bring him back anyway because Smith really doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.