Buffalo Bill’s House From ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Is For Sale

The Pennsylvania house which gave audiences endless nightmares since it’s appearance in the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs could be yours for a mere $300,000. It was put up for sale last Sunday by owners Barbara Lloyd and her husband who actually were the home’s residents when a visitor came to their front door that would change the history of the house forever. No, it wasn’t an FBI agent looking for a missing person, it was a film producer looking for a house with a unique layout.

Still gives me nightmares.

Jonathan Demme, the film’s director wanted something for Buffalo Bill’s house that had a long view once you opened the front door. A view that went past the foyer, past the dining room and into the kitchen. A house with a spider web appearance, something for Buffalo Bill to subconsciously lure FBI agent Clarice Starling into his chamber of horrors with. It was genius storytelling techniques like that that eventually won Silence of the Lambs all of the top Oscars the following year including Best Picture.

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The couple who put the house up for sale actually hope the next owners turn it into a Silence of the Lambs themed bed & breakfast. Wouldn’t it be adorable to wake up with a plate full of bacon in the shape of a face? Unfortunately the home doesn’t contain the basement or an indoor well which was one of the more horrific charms of the home as shown in the movie. That’s Hollywood magic for you. Those scenes were apparently shot on a sound stage in California.

Not sure about you but I don’t know if I would want to think about people being skinned while making toast every morning. Might just be me. It would be cool however if the next owners do something fun with the place if not for some scares for any horror fans visiting.