SIGN OUR PETITION: Unsuspend This Hot Teacher! (Updated x 2)

UPDATE #2 – The people have spoken! We received our first hundred signatures but need more! Spread this like a wildfire of passion about teaching and hot chicks! SIGN THE PETITION AND SHARE!

UPDATE #1 – We’re close to our initial goal of signatures. Do your country a favor and sign the petition! Boobs! Butts! Binomials!

We live in a world where our smartphones do our math for us. Carly McKinney, 10-grade math teacher, knows this. By posting sexy pictures of herself on Twitter and Facebook, she was not only encouraging her students to pay better attention in class, she was moving them into the future by having them use their smartphones more.

That is, she was a teacher before the Aurora, Colorado Board of Education suspended her. Apparently, they don’t like that she has a life outside of school. A life where she likes to smoke and be hot.

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What these public officials don’t understand is that math is important. LEARNING is important. And what better way to learn about math than to have a hot teacher teach it? Do you know what 2 plus 2 is? We don’t… BECAUSE OUR MATH TEACHER WAS A GROSS OLD LADY! (Sorry, Mrs. McClendon) On the other hand, Carly McKinney has already taught us that boobs plus butt = boner.

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If nothing else, she was encouraging her students to be more attentive in class. By giving them spicy twitpics, she eliminated their need to daydream about her bending over. And people, that’s dedication. She cares about her students. And this is how she’s treated? Suspended? Publicly shamed?

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We here at Break believe this to be a gross injustice to her AND education. We cannot sit back and let the children of our future suffer because some school board doesn’t understand that if you want to get a lot of retweets, you have to show some clevage. That’s why we are asking you to SIGN OUR PETITION AND SAVE CARLY MCKINNEY!

Sign up! Save the future! Save Carly! Share this with everyone you know that cares about education, math, and the only good reason to use Twitter (follow us!).