Showtime Releases A Teaser For The Return Of ‘Twin Peaks’

The show by David Lynch and Mark Frost that made the weird even weirder is coming back to television. First it was on, then possibly off, then on again without the direction of David Lynch. But finally Lynch said he’s back on board to bring Twin Peaks back to television to answer a few unanswered question including possibly the biggest unanswered cliffhanger in pop culture history. But with so many back and forths between Lynch and Showtime, who’s to say if it will actually come to fruition. Well, today we just got official word that you’ll no longer have to worry.

Showtime just tweeted a very special announcement and image for Twin Peaks fans and there’s no going back.

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It sounds like there’s no more bullsh*t, we’re going to get a whole new season of Twin Peaks 25 years later since the show ended in 1991. If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks, you’ll probably not fully understand why this is so fascinating, but for one reason in particular, it’s because it was all planned to begin with. And not in that “let’s call A New Hope ‘Episode IV’ as if we had always planned on making prequels” type of plan. Dialogue in the show even told the audience in ’91 that they will return in 25 years. Who knew it would ACTUALLY happen beyond just a cryptic piece of dialogue. That’s kind of amazing.

Smart move, Showtime. David Lynch has revealed that he’s filming the new season as one big movie, which will premiere in 2016. No more hiccups, let’s get this thing done!