Show Us Your Selfies! Win Cool Stuff! Staff by Staff on Sep. 04, 2013

Everyone in the world loves a good, hot selfie of a lady. That's why we post them. We're cool like that. However, there is something that could make them better: you.

We're calling to action the hot ladies of Break to send in their selfies to for the entrie Break community enjoy. And do something so we know it's actually you: hold up a sign with a Break logo, have the site on your computer in the background, come into the office so we can help you take it, you know, whatever. And if yours is the best of that week, we'll send you a $25 iTunes or Android gift card and a Break shirt. We win, you win, THE WORLD WINS.

So check out this week's gallery and then get to sending in those photos!

ShelbyLane User

Looks constipated.. Just sayin.

shizorty User

Slight duck face gave me an erection!!

steven__seagal User

Break, please stop trying to be The Chive.  I enjoy this site because most of the time I can watch videos here with my 6 yr old daugter in the room.  Stay fun and entertaining....The Chive has the whole hot chick thing please stay with what you are good at.


Ya I once won a t-shirt and they never responded to any of my emails and never sent it to me..


So your saying giant tits and general slutiness will get me free shit? Who knew....

fourtony User

Most are busted ass FAKE hoes and/ or blonde.

jpreez User

best gallery ever!!