Chinese Shoppers Got An Unexpected Poo Shower After A Septic Tank Explodes

What would you do if you were out shopping one day when a septic tank full of human feces exploded onto your face. Unfortunately for some folks in Hechi, China, that question was answered.

One bystander says, “I noticed some people gathered in the street and thought there had been a car accident. I wasn’t really paying attention, but then the smell hit me. It was disgusting.”

Pictured above, one store owner got the worst of it with most of his items getting covered in the brown excrement, saying it’ll take a week to get everything cleaned. Personally, I’d be more worried about the people who were yawning during the explosion. Apparently, any compensation to the citizens and store owners that had to deal with this incident is looking unlikely for the time being. The operators of the septic tank say the manufacturers are at fault. And the manufacturers are already saying the operators are at fault. Meanwhile, some dude swallowed a cup of human sh*t so it’s a real bummer no one can take the blame on this one.

The company in charge of the tank says it’s mainly filled with crap from the sewer and sometimes public restrooms. I’m just curious how many wives won’t believe their husbands after they explain how they are now randomly diagnosed with Hep C. I’m also amazed at how calm everyone looks in the photos. If I was just covered in human crap, I certainly wouldn’t be strolling to get out of there.

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source: Daily Mail