Today In Florida: Shooting Victim Dropped Off At A Walmart Instead Of A Hospital

If you get shot, the second best place to get dropped off besides a hospital is your local neighborhood Walmart — well, at least that’s what one person in Miramar, Florida thinks.

The story is just plain weird, full of plot holes, and is basically an instructional of what not to do with a person who has suffered a gunshot wound. Long story short, one of the two unidentified people was shot in a residential neighborhood and a his friend dropped him off at Walmart in a maroon Suzuki Forenza instead of dropping him off at a hospital like a normal person would.

Tania Rues, the Miramar Police spokeswoman says that they don’t know why the man was shot or why his friend decided to drop him off at a Walmart instead of a hospital. Maybe there was a sale he couldn’t resist or maybe it was his weird dying wish to pass away in the parking lot of his favorite big box superstore. Luckily, he didn’t die. He was taken to a real hospital, but his buddy has yet to be found. When they are reunited, he’ll have a lot of explaining to do.