Would You Eat At This Colorado Restaurant?

At Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colorado, the waitresses are quick with a smile, quick with your order and quick on the draw seeing as they pack guns and rifles strapped to their thigh. I suppose what more could you ask for for a place called Shooter’s…in Rifle, Colorado.

And if you don’t feel these just-graduated-ladies are keeping you safe enough, the restaurant also encourages patrons to join in on the fun with a sign that reads, “Please keep your weapon holstered unless need arises.” Thank God they made that point clear. It’s so annoying when guys try to impress the young waitresses by juggling their .357 revolver.

At least they wrote Please.

Not only does the restaurant carry breakfast, lunch and dinner options, they are also able to grant customers gun permits after some licensed training provided by the restaurant itself. I mean it’s not like they’d just hand out permits willy-nilly, guys. In all, it’s a $75 price tag…which includes dinner. Not bad!

But, Todd–this is great ‘n everything but how’s the food? The FOOD!  Well according to their yelp review, they have 4 Stars out of 12 reviews.  Here’s one post from their Yelp page that I thought really summed this place up.

I’m sold!  But really the charm doesn’t come from the guns, or the child-friendly atmosphere, it’s the entertainment value coming from Shooter’s facebook page where they discuss customers buying the waitresses guns, a lack of food so they have to close early, or closing early because they are hosting a “concealed carry class”.  I love it all so very much.

Here are some real gems that I gathered:

Guns aside, that last Facebook post has me thinking maybe I won’t vacation in Rifle, CO. I like my restaurants to always stay open past 11AM, thank you very much!

The restaurant hasn’t had any harm come to their waitresses or customers because of the amount of weaponry that could start a small war, since their opening in 2013 so who knows. Maybe their right to bare arms has the right idea. But then again, Rifle, Colorado’s population is a little over 9,000 so it’s not exactly like they have a lot to protect themselves against other than each other.

Guns are the new fannypack!

So what do you guys think? Would you eat at Shooter’s Grill with your kids or maybe skip it and find a less thematic restaurant not in Colorado?  Let us know.

As for me, I’m gonna get a Groupon together.  See ya there! @TODD_SPENCE